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SPZ GROUP bearing is a one-stop service provider
Casting high-quality industrial bearings
Focusing on customization
and wholesale of high-quality bearings
Strict quality control
Automated assembling workshop
Heat Treatment workshop,Multiple production workshops and Assembling workshops.
Zhangjiagang spza machinery co.,ltd is a bearing manufacturer which can supply the designs , the products and services.
  Whether in the initial design phase or in the field of application, we have the experience to provide solutions. Mining equipment works in harsh environments for a long time, enduring heavy load...
The world's most demanding working environments require the best bearings. Few working environments are as demanding as those found in equipment such as rolling mills, continuous casters or convert...
Why do power plant users continue to trust us? The answer is: reliable products! Sincere service! Successful cases! Our bearings can withstand the rigorous test of time and working environment, and...
Large port lifting equipment, including shore container cranes, gantry cranes, gantry cranes, etc., are the main lifting equipment for port loading and unloading operations. With the continuous dev...
The demand for refined oil, ethylene and three major synthetic materials (plastics, synthetic rubbers and synthetic fiber) is gradually increasing with the development of offshore oil, land oil and...
Powertrain technology is the powerhouse of this ever-changing world. Deeper knowledge, more advanced materials technology and more powerful computing power have all contributed to advancing the dev...
Zhangjiagang spza machinery co.,ltd

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